Thursday, July 29, 2010

A380 Pics and MEL First Class Lounge

Hi everyone,

At the request of some, I have now added these pics of the A380 and the Melbourne Qantas First Class Lounge.

BELOW: The drinks yourself

BELOW: The boys looking at the A380 we were about to board

BELOW: The snack and coffee bar

BELOW: The interior of the lounge...very posh! Leather lounges, TVs and small librarys everywhere

BELOW: The Neil Perry 'Rockpool' restaurant (complimentary meals)

BELOW: The lounge, with our carry-on baggage at bottom right

BELOW: The A380 had just arrived in from LA. It is massive, and huge inside!

Regards to all...


  1. Wow, love traveling vicariously with the Brown family...what an experience!!!

  2. Want pictures inside the plane... Johnno I know you're good at getting them taken!!!!