Friday, July 30, 2010

The Day At Universal Studios in Hollywood, California...

Hi Everyone,

It was a funfilled day of action at Universal Studios in Hollywood. Here are some pics:

BELOW: The main entrance

BELOW: The toilets (I thought the description was funny)

BELOW: Kalinda on the backlot tour with 3D glasses on for King Kong 3D

BELOW: The famous Universal Globe

BELOW: Amity Island sign (Jaws)

BELOW: Me with a can of Duff (at the Simpsons area)

BELOW: Marge, Kalinda (Centre) and Bart.

BELOW: Krustyland

BELOW: The entrance to Jurassic Park - scary!

BELOW: In the Kwik-E-mart

BELOW: Outside the Kwik-E-mart and Moes

BELOW: With some of the entertainers

BELOW: The kids pic with one of the Bobbys

BELOW: I thought this was funny too :-)

BELOW: This is what happens following a BIG day out

Bye for now...
John & Tarin


  1. Great travel blog. Great photos. Looking forward to reading all about your USA adventures over the next month or so. Regards, PeteJ, Canberra.

  2. Nice one Brownie

    Just in the new business lounge at cbr heading to adl. (you would know about this one platinum flyer)

    Got your email from the i-pad. Tech savy Yass people. I never thought I would see it.

    will repsond when we get a spare nano second.