Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our First Day in Anaheim (Los Angeles)

Hi Everyone,

Following our arrival in Anaheim (the Disneyland Resort area in California, in Orange County, south of Los Angeles) we checked into the hotel (Hilton Suites) unpacked some stuff, and had a half hour nap, that became 3.5 hours :-) . We then got up, went and had dinner in the hotel restaurant then jumped in a taxi and headed for Wal-Mart.

In Wal-Mart we got some groceries and some clothes. The boys spent most of their time in the candy and soft drink aisles and Kalinda and Tarin spent time looking at clothes. I went looking at other sections to undertake a price comparative assessment on comparable Australian goods.

We purchased quite a bit of stuff, jumped in a maxi-taxi (which happened to be a Karaoke Taxi (haha) and headed back to the hotel. We watched some TV, went to bed at 10pm and woke up about 9.30am. Feeling pretty good today as a result (minimal jetlag).

The weather her is great, cloudless skies and a nice 26 degrees. Typical California weather.

Here are some pics:

BELOW: Kalinda testing a bike in Wal-Mart

BELOW: Josh and Kalinda refreshed following their swim.

BELOW: The entrance to Disneyland, we go there on Sat or Sun

BELOW: The pool area at the hotel, very nice

BELOW: The jail that Lindsay Lohan is now in (pointed out by bus driver)

That's if for now...
The Browns.

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