Friday, August 13, 2010

An Awesome Day at Legoland in San Diego...

Hi All,

Today, the boys and I went down to southern California to Carlsbad, near San Diego. This is the home of Legoland California. We had a great day on the rides, looking at the Lego figurines, the Lego cities called 'Minitown' and touring the Lego Factory. It was really cool and very educational to see how Lego is made and the type of equipment they use to make each and every brick and component.

Here are some photos:

BELOW: The main entrance:

BELOW: a Legoland flight ride:

BELOW: The Lego Volvo Driving School, this was a favourite with the boys:

BELOW: You can purchase any Lego component from the Bulk Store:

BELOW: New York City:

BELOW: New York:

BELOW: Las Vegas

BELOW: Las Vegas - the main strip:

BELOW: Washington DC - The Capitol Building:

BELOW: Washington DC - The White House:

BELOW: Washington DC - ?? Building:

BELOW: The boys with Elvis in the 'Brick of Fame':

BELOW: The Lego Technic Rollercoaster:

BELOW: Lego Technic ride...looks like the Teacups at Disneyland:

BELOW: Lego Aquazone ride:

BELOW: The boys with Bob the Builder:

BELOW: a Lego Dinosaur made with 433,000 bricks:

BELOW: Legoland scenery:

BELOW: The Sydney Opera House...something familiar:

BELOW: Mt 'Rockmore' [Rushmore] :-)

BELOW: New York with the Statue of Liberty:

BELOW: ToonTown:

BELOW: These are Lego pellets. They are loaded into the machine, heated, molded and out comes Lego bricks:

BELOW: New York City skyline:

BELOW: Josh on the Sky Patrol ride:

BELOW: Water games:

BELOW: Lego giraffes. 120,000 bricks per giraffe:

BELOW: The jungle drive ride:

BELOW: A Lego monkey!:

BELOW: Now this is a Lego Store...heaps and heaps of stuff at very good prices:

Overall, we had a great day at Legoland. We went with Coach America and the trip down took around 1.5 hrs. We were at Legoland from around 10am to 6.30pm. It was a long day but it was well worth it. Next time I would drive rather than take the coach down, it is a very easy trip as Anaheim is on the Interstate 5 and Legoland is 1.5hrs down the Interstate 5 and about 1km off the freeway in Carlsbad.
Tarin and Kalinda stayed at the hotel today and relaxed by the pool and went out for a walk to the local cafe.
Thanks for looking at our pics.
John, Kevan, Josh & Tom.

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  1. what a fantastic place... LegoLand! woo hoo. Nice to see some Australiana there with the Sydney Opera House. Cheers