Sunday, August 22, 2010

Trip to Cocoa Beach on the Florida Coast...

Hi Everyone,

Today, we went for a drive to Cocoa Beach and the Kennedy Space Center. The drive is about 100kms from Orlando travelling along various freeways and the Florida Turnpike.

We decided to take this trip as it was recommended by our friend in LA (Thanks Jill !!).

The kids had a great time at Cocoa Beach. We went swimming, we watched the big speedboat races and watched heaps of planes and helicopters flying over the beach. It surely is a beach of action!

When we left Cocoa Beach (located in the City of Cape Canaveral) we headed up to the NASA Kennedy Space Center. We have a few pics below from the main road on the way in.

Here are some pics:

BELOW: Space Shuttle Inspiration:

BELOW: The entrance to Kennedy Space Center:

BELOW: The kids having a swim at Cocoa Beach:

BELOW: Cocoa Beach Pier:

BELOW: Kevan being wiped out by a wave:

BELOW: The Cocoa Beach Pier and a chopper that was following the race boats:

BELOW: The speed boats:

BELOW: Josh enjoying the beach:

BELOW: Speed boat action:

BELOW: Entering the 'City of Cape Canaveral' area:

BELOW: The biggest ship in the world...the 'Freedom of the Seas':

BELOW: Heading towards the coast:

BELOW: We went to Cocoa Beach first:

BELOW: Tarin in the front and Tom in the back with Kalinda's sunnies on:

BELOW: Where is this plane going to land?? :

That's it for now...
John, Tarin, Kalinda, Kevan, Josh & Tom.

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