Thursday, August 26, 2010

The USA Titanic Exhibition...AWESOME !!

Hi Everyone,

I have been to the only Titanic exhibition in the USA. It was a fabulous tour and highly recommended. The tour guide really knew his stuff.

Here are some photos:

BELOW: The Titanic's Deck Plan. A copy of this was displayed in the ship's gymnasium:

BELOW: The Grand Staircase - a magnificent reproduction:

BELOW: The Grand Staircase, with Honor and Glory crowning Time:

BELOW: The Grand Staurcase with the Cherub light:

BELOW: Third Class corridor with security grille that was locked for 5 hours each night:

BELOW: On the Bridge: Note the control panel for the watertight doors:

BELOW: An original of the New York Times:

BELOW: The Marconi Wireless Room:

BELOW: Compare to above. This is a picture taken on the Titanic in 1912:

BELOW: The White Star Line dinner set and silveware:

BELOW: Some paintings and flags:

BELOW: Some books that have told stories about the sinking of the Titanic:

BELOW: A piece of coal salvaged from the Engine Room (2005 expedition):

BELOW: The outfit worn by Leonardo DiCaprio in the James Cameron movie Titanic. This was the boarding outfit for Jack Dawson:

BELOW: Some deck chair timber and a part of the cane insert:

That's all for now.

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