Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Day in Hollywood and Beverly Hills...

Hi All,

Today we went for a drive, 55kms took 2 hours on the 5-lane (each way) motorway.

It was a great day looking around Hollywood, the Sunset Strip, Hollywood Blvd and up into the Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills to check out some stars homes (we purchased a 'Stars Homes' map for $5.

Her are some pics:

BELOW: The kids outside of the gates of Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion. They spoke with the Security Guard 'cause they pressed the intercom :-)

BELOW: Outside the Graumans Chinese Theater where stars have put their hand and shoe prints into the concrete:

BELOW: Arnold Schwarznegger (and Kevan with his hands in Arnold's):

BELOW: Michael Jackson IS NOT DEAD:

BELOW: Here is the proof that he is alive and well ;-)

BELOW: Outside the Wax Museum, the kids with Marilyn Monroe:

BELOW: Yep, we were in Hollywood, Spideman was there:

BELOW: an a alien was there too! Tom trying on some glasses:

BELOW: This Disney store was really cool:

BELOW: Inside the Kodak Theatre where several awards are conducted:

BELOW: The Hollywood sign:

BELOW: Inside the Kodak Theater (you can just see the Hollywood sign in the background):

BELOW: Outside the Hard Rock Cafe, Hollywood:

BELOW: Outside the Kodak Theater:

BELOW: The Hollywood Guinness Book of Records Museum:

BELOW: Capitol Records on Sunset Blvd:

BELOW: On Hollywood Blvd:

BELOW: Heading towards Hollywood on the 101. The 101 goes all the way up to Seattle in Washington State:

BELOW: Heading towards Los Angeles:

That's all for now...everyone is very tired after a day out in the heat and the traffic.

John, Tarin, Kalinda, Kevan, Josh & Tom.

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