Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pool Fun at the Hilton Suites in Disneyland Resort...

Hi All,

The kids had a great day in the hotel pool with their new-found friends from Chicago.

BELOW: In the jacuzzi:

BELOW: Kevan (left), Joey (centre) and Kevin (right):

BELOW: Tom with Kevin and Josh (right):

BELOW: Josh & Tom and Kevin (from Chicago):

BELOW: All the boys at play in the pool:

BELOW: Josh and Joey (from Chicago):

BELOW: Kalinda and Joey:

BELOW: Kevin (from Chicago) throwing Tom in the pool:

BELOW: Kevin and Kalinda:

John, Tarin, Kalinda, Kevan, Josh & Tommy

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  1. I'm still looking I'm loving it
    Aunt Julie