Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Disneyland Street Party...

Hi Everyone,

No trip to Disneyland is complete without participating in a Street Parade and a turn on the Mad Hatter Tea Cups.

Now for some pics:

BELOW: Kalinda, Kevan and I in our teacup:

BELOW: The 'Mad Hatters Tea Party' ride in Fantasyland:

BELOW: The kids with the cast of 'The Nightmare Before Christmas':

Kalinda & Kevan with an item from the shop:

BELOW: Jessie from Toy Story on the Disneyland Street Parade:

BELOW: Donald Duck on the street party:

BELOW: More from the street party:

BELOW: Woody !! :

BELOW: Lilo and Stitch:

BELOW: Daisy and Donald Duck:

BELOW: More from the Street Party:

BELOW: and more:

BELOW: Disneyland street scene (Main Street):

BELOW: from the Disneyland Candy Store:

BELOW: 'Splash Mountain' the ride - it is fantastic!!

That's it for now...
The Browns

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  1. These pics bring back lots of memories of taking my 12 year old daughter to Disneyland in 1992...timeless fun for so many generations of children and their parents!